World Wrestling Assocation

World Wrestling Association is a fantasy professional wrestling circuit run with the TNM7 wrestling simulator. The wrestlers, managers, referees, and other characters are based on real people but the events depicted in the writings are completely fictional. In other words - this isn't real but all in fun. The most recent card takes place on February 16, 1985.

The other circuits in the Universe are Ryan Niemiller's GCW, Josh Cooper's NWF, and Jeff Miller's UPW

1 History


The World Wrestling Association was started by Howard Beauchamp, formerly a member of the Board of Directors in Global Championship Wrestling. In 1983, Beauchamp started to become rather outspoken about the direction GCW was headed and eventually, at the end of 1984, left his position on the Board. Seeing an untapped market on the west coast, Beauchamp set up his regional headquarters in San Francisco, at one time a hotbed for professional wrestling, and sought to build his company from virtually nothing to a world-wide phenomenon. With over two decades serving on the Board of Directors for GCW, Beauchamp met many people who not only believe in his vision but who are also on board to help his company grow. The sky is the limit for Howard Beauchamp and the World Wrestling Assocation.

2 Key Figures

  • Howard Beauchamp (Promoter)

3 Working Agreements

WWA does not have any working agreements with any promotions at this time.

4 Champions

Championship Current Champion(s) Date Won Previous Champion(s)
WWA Heavyweight Title Roddy Piper May 17, 1986 Magnum T.A.
WWA West Coast Title Chris Adams March 8, 1986 Billy Jack Haynes
WWA Tag Team Titles The Rockers May 17, 1986 Bill Eadie & Rick Rude

5 Results

The first show in WWA history took place on February 16, 1985.

Results from TV

6 Roster

This is the list of various personnel involved in WWA.

Tag Teams

7 Year-End Awards

At the end of each calendar year, WWA presents the WWA Year-End Awards. The awards are decided on by a combination of Board of Directors, fan vote, and the wrestlers, managers, and referees.


8 Five Star Matches

Every match is given a star rating based on a number of factors: workrate, overall action, the history of the wrestlers and their feud, and crowd reaction. The highest rating given is five stars. The following matches have received that honor:

  • Tito Santana & Hector Guerrero vs. The Ninja Express - San Francisco, CA - June 29, 1985

9 Controversies

This section covers backstage news and happenings that helped shape the face of WWA.


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